TRAC-COM Intercom System


TRAC-COM Intercom System is designed for Driver-Passenger Communications.

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The TRAC-COM Intercom System is a robust new in-car communication system.  Designed with individual volume controls, a snap in connector, and audio input/output, this is a must for HPDE instructors and students.  The TRAC-COM system will allow you to connect an external scanner or iPod to hear through the unit as well as output the audio from the intercom to a GoPro.

TRAC-COM offers multiple adapter cables to go from IMSA, NASCAR, Stilo and much more making this this one of the most versatile communicator on the market.

Note: Helmet kits, student boom mic, and adapter cables are all sold separately.  See the accessories tab for all the TRAC-COM Accessories.


  • Dual volume controls
  • Locking headset connectors
  • Removable 9V battery
  • Battery life indicator LED light
  • Heavy duty components
  • Belt clip included
  • Full duplex, driver and passenger can hear themselves and each other all the time, perfect for dialing in the volume!
  • Use aux port for audio in or out, great for overlaying audio onto GoPro footage! (Works on Hero 3/4/5 with separate adapters)

What's Included:

  • TRAC-COM Intercom System
  • Belt Clip
  • 9V Battery
  • Instruction Manual

See product reviews for a testimonial from one of our customers that tried out the TRAC-COM at a recent PCA HPDE.

Product Details
By (Katy, United States) on  11 May 2019 (TRAC-COM Intercom System) :

Good value communicator

I have been using a Trac-Com system for over 2 years now. It is excellent value. I have tried several different systems and this one is proving to be the most reliable. It is as good as some of the units that are over $500. One of the things I really like is that it uses 9volt batteries instead of rechargeable batteries. Sadly, most of the rechargeable systems use cheap batteries and you can not rely on how long the communicator will work. You are always trying to find a power outlet to keep them charged. With the Trac-Com. I pop a new battery in for each instruction weekend knowing with confidence that I will have a live system for the whole weekend. The student boom is very durable and is easy to fit in a helmet, whether open face or full face, and there is just the right amount of wire. After use, I spray them with Lysol to keep them sanitized. I get plenty of volume and am frequently asked to reduce the students volume. However, many students make the mistake of putting the speaker opening against the helmet-side instead of the ear-side. You also have to make sure that the microphone is within kissing distance from the mouth or the noise cancelling microphone doesn’t work properly. Over all, great value for the price.

By on  21 Nov. 2017 (TRAC-COM Intercom System) :

Picked up the Trac-Com for Schnell Fest

As an instructor, good communications in the car are extremely important. I had used a competitor's product, previously, and was unhappy with the sound quality and the sturdiness of that product. Over this past weekend at Schnell Fest, the Trac-Com provided great sound quality and made talking with my students much easier, even at full speed with the windows open. The sturdiness of the mike booms made it easy to get them positioned in helmets. The easy 5 pin connectors for the wires helped to make driver swaps smooth. I am very happy with the Trac-Com and would highly recommend it. Mike and Jack were also very helpful and did a great job in getting my order handled in a very timely manner.

By on  19 July 2017 (TRAC-COM Intercom System) :

TRAC-COM Testimonial

I had the opportunity to try out the TRAC-COM intercom system recently at an HPDE event. I have been using Chatterbox systems for years (multiple units since they had to be replaced about every two years).

I found the TRAC-COM unit to be very good for several reasons:

• The student headset is more substantial than competitive units and has thicker wires that won’t pull out as easily
• The student headset comes with a tie-wrap already on the cable tying it to the boom
• TRAC-COM uses 5 pin snap-lock connectors that won’t vibrate loose
• The TRAC-COM unit has two volume controls so the student and the instructor volume can be adjusted separately
• The TRAC-COM uses standard 9 volt alkaline batteries so you can simply carry a spare and not worry about batteries losing their charge or having to carry a charger with you

The sound quality was better than my 6-month old Chatterbox and the snap-lock connectors assured me that the connection would be solid and consistent.

The TRAC-COM units cost more than a Chatterbox but they look like they will last for several years, making them less expensive over the long term.

Without testing the TRAC-COM over several years, I can’t guarantee it will last longer than cheaper units but I can vouch for the very good initial quality, construction and performance.

Jack Smyth
High Speed Driving Coach

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