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High quality, anti-fog visors for the ST5 helmets.

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High quality, anti-fog visors for the ST5 helmets.

Anti-fog visors do require special care.

Visor cleaning instructions: Use Stilo Visor cleaner. Liberally spray the outside of the visor with the cleaner, and wipe with a micro fiber towel until clean and dry. Repeat if necessary.

To clean the inside of the visor, spray liberally with Stilo Visor cleaner, and wipe in one direction only, and wipe only once with a micro fiber towel. If fingerprints or dirt remain, repeat as needed. A back and forth wiping motion will tend to leave lint from the rag on the visor.

Do not use Windex or any glass cleaner containing ammonia, as this can harm the anti-scratch coating on the outside of the visor, and the anti-fog coating on the inside of the visor.

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By (Katy, United States) on  11 May 2019 (Stilo ST5 Visors) :

Iridium Yellow- perfect for the Texas sun

The iridium Yellow is a terrific color visor to tackle the strong Texas sun . The yellow helps provide additional contrast in low light or rain conditions that helps you see better. You have to be careful how you handle it or clean it as you can scratch the coating. I have found that using Acrysol is the best cleaner for this visor. I have used it in rain/high humidity conditions and it takes a lot before it starts to fog.

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