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Stilo Carbon Curva 8870

Extensive research in karting competition led the FIA Safety Department to develop a new combined chest and rib protector for the future stars of racing and those who enjoy practicing the sport.

Those are common areas of the body subjected to injuries when karting; the Karting Body Protection (KBP), homologated by the FIA under Standard 8870-2018, provides superior protection to kids and adults within an all-in-one device that drivers can wear under their CIK-FIA approved overalls.

Adam Baker, FIA Safety Director, outlined: “ In collaboration with the Industry Working Group (IWG), we developed the KBP to specifically address the rib and chest injuries which are commonplace in karting. I am pleased that the feedback we have received from the competitors at the KBP’s first competitive outing in Genk was very positive .”

The KBP received approval from the FIA World Motor Sport Council in December 2020, becoming mandatory for all FIA Karting Championships, Cups, and Trophies from 2021.

Last June, the KBP was introduced at the opening round of the FIA European Karting Championship in Genk, Belgium, with great success among the competitors featured in the OK and OK-Junior categories.

Furthermore, the FIA Standard 8870-2018 represents a device, which advantage focuses on adding safety to prevent injuries from impact with flat or curved structures, the steering wheel or edge of the seat, and the steering column.

In order for a manufacturer to achieve the FIA Standard 8870-2018, the device must withstand 60J of energy to the chest and 100J of energy to the ribs, ensuring that the force transmitted to the body is no more than 1kN during an impact.

In that regard, four manufacturers have complied with the FIA requirements for safety.

In this article, we introduce the Stilo Carbon Curva 8870 Karting Body Protection, designed and developed by the renowned Italian manufacturer Stilo.

Stilo uses its innovative patented technology, ‘Carbon Curva’, which allows the fusion of protective carbon and flexible carbon.

As a result, the device, homologated by the CIK-FIA, complying with the FIA Standard 8870-2018, fits the body like no other, providing a form-fitting solution with safety as paramount.

In addition, the light structure allows drivers to freely move their arms, neck, and head, combining safety while adding comfort to the drivers at the wheel.

Below we share the first reviews received from our customers.

"The 8870 is awesome! It helps David fit into his kart seat much better than the Armadillo with its multiple overlapping velcro pads on the back. Overall, the rib and chest combo allows a better, more natural seating position while still providing maximum protection." –Ignacio
"Colton loves his Stilo chest protector. He said that it is comfortable and better than the Armadillo." –Greg Schniegenberg

Find the Stilo that best suits you in the size chart below:

Size Chest Circumference (cm) Driver Height (cm)
Small 62-72 116-134
Small+ 67-77 134-152
Medium 72-82 152-170
Large 85-95 170-188
Large+ 90-100 170-188

(*) the 2 height ranges are indicated as per FIA regulations.

From January 2022, it becomes mandatory in all karting competitions entered on the FIA International Sporting Calendar.

SKUSA, IKF and many other US sanctioning body's are now reconizing the new FIA 8870-2018 Karting Body Protection to be allowed for competition use as a replacement of the SFI 20.1 chest protector.

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