5 Reasons Why Mothers® R3 Racing Rubber Remover Is A Must-have In Your Toolbox

Published : 06/20/2017 11:27:14
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Mothers R3 Racing Rubber Remover

It doesn't matter whether you're a professional and seasoned racer or a hobbyist, you are sure to experience the benefits of Mothers® R3 Racing Rubber Remover. How many times have you spent hours cleaning your car only to roll back into the pits with rubber marks and dirt far worse than before you even cleaned it? We can see all you motor enthusiasts nodding your heads. The suffering is real! But suffer no more. Mothers® R3 Racing Rubber Remover is about to become your saving grace. Below are five reasons you should have this miracle product in your toolbox.

No Elbow Grease Required

When you should be saving your driving arms for the track, instead you're kneeling down trying to scrub seemingly impossible-to-remove rubber from every surface. And the worst part? It's probably not even yours! But hey, rubbin' is racin'. Using Mothers® R3 Racing Rubber Remover to get rid of those unsightly rubber marks is simple. Spray the affected spot, grab a microfiber cloth and wipe the rubber off. Within five seconds you'll be throwing away that old scrubbing brush and bucket of grubby water.

Gentle on Vinyl Wrap

We understand just how important it is to keep your car's decals intact. After all, the majority of those stickers and decals will belong to your valuable sponsors. Where scrubbing brushes fail to protect them, Mothers® R3 Racing Rubber Remover steps in. Gently spray the remover onto the affected grimy spots and wipe off. Your shiny vinyl is back to brand new!

Soil and Grime Vanish

Whether you're participating in a rally race or you somehow made your way off the asphalt track into the runoff area, Mothers® R3 Racing Rubber Remover has got your back. The remover will cut through the toughest soil, grass and grime – all with plenty of time before your next race. So why wait until the day's over before you give your car some TLC? Spot cleaning between races will allow you to go home and relax rather than spend hours fine-detailing with a toothbrush.

Immaculate Glass

For windows and windscreens so clean they almost look like they're not there, use the same Mothers® R3 Racing Rubber Remover. We know it's hard to believe one product could take care of so many problems, but we're proud to say it does! Whether it's the inside or outside, the passenger's window or the driver's, Mothers® R3 Racing Rubber Remover ticks all the boxes to leave you with a squeaky clean finish.

It's Inexpensive

Racing is expensive, we know that. But we also know how important it is to get the right balance. Mothers® R3 Racing Rubber Remover is cost-effective, can be purchased in bulk, and is proven to leave your car looking clean every time. We don't sell products that don't work, and we don't expect you to buy them either. We use what we sell, and we're proud of our high quality range of products that benefit you on the track.

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