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Extensive research in karting competition led the FIA Safety Department to develop a new combined chest and rib protector for the future stars of racing and those who enjoy practicing the sport. Those are common areas of the body subjected to injuries when karting; the Karting Body Protection (KBP), homologated by the FIA under Standard 8870-2018, pro …
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Non-racers are often surprised at how hot it gets in a racecar during a one-hour race. As if hooking a 500 horsepower heat pump to a steel and aluminum oven and driving it as fast as possible in the hottest season of the year wouldn’t get uncomfortable. But race cars do get severely hot, and that creates two problems: danger and distraction. Here’s how C …
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The start of the 2020 racing season has been, like most sources of joy in 2020, delayed. But there’s finally some light breaking through the clouds, and the Houston Region SCCA Time Trials Program ran their first post-lockdown event on Sunday, proving once more the medicinal properties of a finely clipped apex. Racing is back. Oh, and by “some light breaking through the …
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5 Reasons Why Mothers® R3 Racing Rubber Remover Is A Must-have In Your Toolbox
It doesn't matter whether you're a professional and seasoned racer or a hobbyist, you are sure to experience the benefits of Mothers® R3 Racing Rubber Remover. How many times have you spent hours cleaning your car only to roll back into the pits with rubber marks and dirt far worse than before you even cleaned it? We can see all you motor enthusiasts nodding your heads. The …
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Getting Started with a CoolShirt System
Getting started with using a CoolShirt System in your track day or race car If you have ever driven your car on track on a 90 degree day, you will start thinking about ways to stay cool both in the car and out. Somethings to think about are permanent installation versus a system easily removed from the car, how many drivers will share the driver’s seat during the day, hel …
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